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Shopping Experience: New Normal is Mobile, Omni-Channel, and Mostly… LOW Prices!

I’ve been following the retail analyst reports over the past few weeks. One summed up the holiday shopping season as “ho hum,” due to lack of hot products, bad weather and one fewer weekend during the holiday shopping season. Overall, “bricks” are losing out to “clicks.” A ShopperTrak report found 2.7% YTY revenue increase during […]

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Black Friday proves that (low) price really can be delightful. Will retailer greed kill a good thing?

Most of the discussion around a delightful Customer Experience (CX) has been about company-customer interactions. Like the unusually great customer service you get from Zappos. Of course, some companies are able to dazzle us with their products. Like Apple with the iPhone and iPad. But price? Price is usually denigrated as a strategy for losers […]

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Omnichannel Customer Service: Phone still king for first and second contact

Zendesk just announced the results of a global consumer study on omnichannel customer service. The results show plenty of room for improvement, despite years of talk about multi/omni-channel service. For starters, while two-thirds have purchased using multiple channels, just 7% of respondents said they were extremely satisfied with omnichannel service, lagging behind sales. Consumer think […]

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