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What makes customer-focused companies different?

Being customer-centric is easy to say, hard to do. Walker Information, a loyalty consulting firm, says it comes down to three things: Leadership: companies are either “just formed that way” at the beginning or new leadership can affect a change in communications, incentives and culture. Comment: Couldn’t agree more. In the 10+ years I’ve been […]

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Google Trends Smackdown: Enterprise 2.0 vs. Social CRM

This year social media has been a huge topic on this site and others. “Social CRM” has been a hot topic for debate, including how it relates to “Enterprise 2.0.” But after returning from the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference and observing, Where is the Customer in Enterprise 2.0?, I wondered just how prevalent these terms […]

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Where is the Customer in Enterprise 2.0?

Web 2.0 is about collaborative web applications that enable users to easily share content and network. This site is an example, because anyone can blog or add comments. Facebook is hugely popular for social networking among “friends,” LinkedIn allows business people to build networks of “contacts” and Twitter enable anyone to post anything to followers… […]

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RightNow CX Takes the Road Less Traveled

At the RightNow Summit this week, held once again at the fabulous Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, Founder/CEO Greg Gianforte unveiled RightNow CX—”the customer experience suite.” CX solutions are mainly intended to help B2C companies deliver better web, social and contact center experiences. RightNow’s strategy reminds me of The Road Not Taken, a famous poem […]

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Social Media in Business: Hype vs. Hope

Bob Thompson and five members of CustomerThink’s 2009 Editorial Board discuss 1) social media hype, 2) what is social CRM and 3) how businesses should get value from social media. Bill Band, Forrester Research Dick Lee, High-Yield Methods Bill Price, Driva Solutions Andy Rudin, Outside Technologies John Todor, The Whetstone Edge Recorded on July 16, […]

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