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Study: Marketers and Consumers Out of Sync, Big Data is a Big Mystery

In March 2013, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted two concurrent surveys of consumers and executives, to explore the effectiveness of different marketing channels. Respondents were balanced between US and UK markets. The study, sponsored by Lyris, came to two big conclusions: There are serious gaps in marketers’ perception of how consumers want to engage […]

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Smarten Up the B2B Customer Experience: 5 Big Ideas

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the B-to-B Customer Experience Summit, organized by Walker, a customer intelligence consulting firm. This two-day conference, the first CX event focused exclusively on B2B, was a big hit with attendees — CX leaders representing prominent brands in technology, telecom, distribution and more. The keynotes were amazing, and […]

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Five Big Ideas to Profit from Analytics and Big Data

We cannot solve our problems with thesame thinking we used when we created them.—Albert Einstein I believe that making smart, fact-based decisions is absolutely essential to customer-centric leadership. I’m sure many of you reading this will say to yourselves, “We’re already doing that.” Sorry, but you’re probably not. As you’ll learn, many decisions are made […]

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Speed Thrills: SAS soups up analytics with in-memory technology

It’s always fun to attend the annual executive conference put on by analytics leader SAS. Although there is some irony that this year’s event was held in Las Vegas, when the point of analytics is to, ahem, reduce risk in decision making. Anyway, with all the hype about Big Data, this is about as good […]

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