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Join me in London at Net Promoter Conference Sept 10-11

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be keynoting at the Net Promoter conference in London on Sept. 10. My session will be about “Customer-Centric Mastery” — focusing on the top three habits (organization behaviors) that drive competitive differentiation. More details here. The speaker lineup is impressive: Aisling Hassell – Head of Global Customer Experience, Airbnb […]

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Connecting the Dots Between Employee Engagement and the Customer Experience

I recently participated in a group discussion organized by NICE on trends and best practices in employee engagement and how it relates to the customer experience. Joining me were Aphrodite Brinsmead — senior analyst at Ovum specializing in contact center markets and technologies, and customer experience trends and Shep Hyken — customer service and loyalty […]

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Why Reps Can’t Sell. It’s the (Selling) System, Stupid!

Two words for sales reps trying to get time with Pete Sattler, CIO of International Flavors & Fragrances: Lotsa Luck. You’ll need it, because you won’t get past his defenses aimed at avoiding time-wasting reps that pitch “feature bingo.” During his two decades of experience with sales reps, he’s also seen all the tricks designed […]

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Davinci’s analytics-driven chat powers up Digital Experience strategy

Since starting my business in 1998, I’ve shifted more and more of my computing to what we now call The Cloud. Email distribution, accounting, even our community web site is hosted on virtual servers these days. I really have no idea what the physical infrastructure looks like. Terms like ASP, on-demand and SaaS have come […]

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Analytics help Western Union deliver loyalty-building service experiences

A few years ago my son was traveling abroad and ran out of money. We scrambled to figure out how to transfer funds and discovered that good old Western Union was the best option. There was a fair amount of stress involved on both ends, but Western Union came through for our family, using a […]

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