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Net Promoter and ACSI Smackdown

There’s a lot to like about the Net Promoter Score that Fred Reichheld developed. Business executives are jumping on it as an easy to implement metric of customer loyalty that ties to business growth. But academic research is finding fault with the methodology. Tim Keiningham of IPSOS Loyalty emailed me about a paper he co-authored […]

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CRMGuru Is Now CustomerThink

In case you missed the announcement last week, we have changed the name of to Long-time members may recall that our email newsletter was renamed CustomerThink in 2002 (formerly CRM.Insight) because of confusion about what the term “CRM” means. “CustomerThink” was created by this community, so it’s your name, not a buzzword that […]

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Six Easy Ways To Lose Your Clients

Customer-centricity is like art. As a customer, you know it when you see it, or rather, when you feel it. You get those warm, mushy feelings like “they really care about me” and the urge to tell your friends. That’s what prompted me to share a few personal examples of customer-centric selling in my last […]

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Sell More by Showing Your Customers Some Love!

In my last blog, Why I Hate Sales Reps, I said my pet peeves were reps who don’t listen, don’t care about my problem, can’t be trusted, or aren’t available when needed. But some reps are different. They love their jobs and love taking care of their customers. Here are some personal examples to illustrate […]

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China in the Customer Management Groove

It’s hard to believe that we’ve just completed the fifth annual China Customer Management Forum, held April 5-6 in Shanghai. It seems like just yesterday that Sampson Lee contacted me and said something like, “Hey, what do you say we start a CRM conference in China?” I wasn’t sure that China was ready for CRM […]

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