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Report: Detroit losing ground to imports in auto customer satisfaction. Why?

The ACSI just released its August 2013 report on automobiles, based on interviews with 4K customers earlier this year. Domestic cars have slipped back after gaining ground in recent years. Highlights: Overall auto CSAT dropped slightly to 83, from last year’s all time high of 84 Domestic cars trail European and Asian cars, with the […]

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What is Customer Value? A Customer-Centric View

Over the years when I’ve spoken at conferences and workshops, I’ve done a group exercise asking for a definition of “customer value.” With rare exceptions, the majority of the time attendees will discuss what the customer is buying (revenue), how much money the company makes from the customer’s purchase (profit) or customer lifetime value (discounted […]

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The Key to Success with Employee Empowerment: Work Backwards from the Customer

In the mid-1980s during my time at IBM, I remember an “empowerment” initiative that swept through the company. We attended training programs and learned that to be empowered meant we had to take more responsibility and be accountable for the results. Over the next couple of years the strategy unfolded, as IBM pushed more authority […]

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