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Culture: Why Microsoft, Oracle and SAP won't succeed in the Cloud (and contact center leaders will also #fail)

“Nothing focuses the mind like a hanging.” —Samuel Johnson In the past year, cloud-based solutions are being snapped up by the “old guard” CRM/ERP software vendors. Oracle bought RightNow and Taleo. SAP bought SuccessFactors and Ariba. Microsoft just acquired Yammer. Can you acquire your way to success in the cloud? I think not. Because it’s […]

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Facebook is biggest loser in social media satisfaction ratings

ACSI, the organization that does annual customer satisfaction/loyalty measurements for a wide variety of industries, today announced the results for the E-Business sector. Social media sites in general, and Facebook in particular, were not well liked (pun intended). As a category, E-business earned an average score of 69, but with wide variation. Leading the pack […]

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Social CRM en Colombia: Delight and the Digital Experience Conundrum

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Bogotá to keynote the 2nd international conference on Social Media and Social CRM. My sincere thanks to Diego Ramirez of Práctica and Rafael Rodríguez of Focused Management Colombia for inviting me to speak, and for conducting an outstanding conference. What is Social CRM? Liz Smith, VP […]

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Let Your Customers Inspire You! Four Stages of the Customer-Centric Journey

Is your company “customer centric?” Of course it is. The term is like motherhood and apple pie—everyone agrees it’s a good thing and can claim to be customer centric to some degree. The problem, of course, is that customer centricity is such a vague expression. Last week I organized a meeting in London with CustomerThink […]

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The future of customer-centric business in The Netherlands — Klantgericht Ondernemen 2022

On June 6 in Rotterdam, I was honored to present the opening keynote at Klantgericht Ondernemen 2022, a conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CRM Association in The Netherlands. Around 200 people attended, and I must say it was one of the most enthusiastic audiences I’ve ever spoken to about customer-centric business strategy. Wil […]

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