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What Really Drives Customer Loyalty? It's Not Just About the Experience!

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” —Albert Einstein Customer loyalty is at the heart of a truly customer-centric business strategy. Over the years I’ve found fairly consistently that the customer experience—all interactions with a brand, including people and systems—is equally important (in driving loyalty) to the quality of the core […]

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt: My AT&T DSL Customer Service Experience

Despite what the title of this blog post implies, AT&T service representatives all did a good to excellent job helping me solve (maybe) problems with a balky DSL connection. So this post is not meant to slam AT&T, but rather serve as a teachable moment. Because sometimes good intentions and even good actions don’t add […]

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Macy's Marketing Transformation: From "Mad Men" to "Math Men"

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Forrester’s Customer Intelligence Forum, where the theme was “how to create engagement in the age of the customer.” There was some similarity with a recent “Sales 2.0” conference I attended, where the emphasis was on how to make the profession (marketing, in this case) more scientific by […]

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Starbucks is customer-centric because it listened

Lately I’ve noticed an increase in discussion about “customer-centricity.” If ever there was a more nebulous term than CRM, this is it. Is customer-centricity a strategy? A state of mind? A method for segmenting customers? Fortunately, no one is defining customer-centricity as technology… yet. I think the answer is painfully simple: customer-centricity is in the […]

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Survey: Brands consumers love (Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon and Google) and what drives loyalty

ClickFox just released results from a brand loyalty survey. It won’t shock anyone that Apple was the top pick, followed by Coca Cola in the second spot. Amazon and Google tied for third. Other top brands included Starbucks, Target and Microsoft. According to the press release, the survey was short (10 questions) and the number […]

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