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Lean, Not Mean — 3 Reasons Why Southwest Wins with a Culture that Empowers Employees

One of the biggest misconceptions about Customer Experience (CX) is that it’s about delivering a “premium” experience. You know, like Apple, Ritz Carlton and Zappos. It’s true some companies win by “wowing” their customers. But CX can also be a differentiator in low-cost business models. Like Southwest Airlines, one of my favorite examples of a […]

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Honda car service experience shows how CRM and CEM can coexist nicely

Recently a brochure showed up in the mail reminding me that my Honda Civic needed 60K service. Along with fixing a few other things that I’d been putting off. Here’s what happened with my total service experience, including my grade on each moment of truth. CRM and CEM can indeed work together! 1. Asked for […]

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Let Your Customers Inspire You! Four Stages of the Customer-Centric Journey

Is your company “customer centric?” Of course it is. The term is like motherhood and apple pie—everyone agrees it’s a good thing and can claim to be customer centric to some degree. The problem, of course, is that customer centricity is such a vague expression. Last week I organized a meeting in London with CustomerThink […]

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The future of customer-centric business in The Netherlands — Klantgericht Ondernemen 2022

On June 6 in Rotterdam, I was honored to present the opening keynote at Klantgericht Ondernemen 2022, a conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CRM Association in The Netherlands. Around 200 people attended, and I must say it was one of the most enthusiastic audiences I’ve ever spoken to about customer-centric business strategy. Wil […]

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People: The Secret Sauce in Customer Experience Success

There is a tremendous opportunity to innovate the customer experience with digital or social technology. One of my favorite examples is Tesco’s Virtual Subway Store in South Korea. Shopper sees a virtual display in the subway, orders by mobile phone, and the store delivers! Really cool stuff, but time and time again, when I ask […]

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