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Analytics help Western Union deliver loyalty-building service experiences

A few years ago my son was traveling abroad and ran out of money. We scrambled to figure out how to transfer funds and discovered that good old Western Union was the best option. There was a fair amount of stress involved on both ends, but Western Union came through for our family, using a […]

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Reviews 2.0: OpenTell's authenticated customer feedback changes the game

There’s no question that the so-called “social customer” has changed the balance of power. I think Dave Carroll, the creator of the famous United Breaks Guitars video said it best: “No customer is statistically insignificant.” Customers who are mistreated, or delighted, can freely post on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, or review sites. For all the talk […]

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Marketing and IT, in the name of CX, why can't you just get along?

In recent months there’s been a lot of commentary about how much technology CMOs will be purchasing in the coming years, which could make marketing a bigger IT department than, um, the IT department. Much of this marketing tech euphoria is fueled by Gartner’s prediction that by 2017, CMOs would outspend CIOs on technology. And […]

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Facebook hijacking "likes" to sell ads. Is this what social media has devolved to?

I get it. Social media sites need to make money. Actually, any free website needs a revenue stream, and a common strategy is selling ads or sponsorships. (CustomerThink is sponsor supported.) However, it’s a delicate balancing act to know when to say when, to advertising money. Apparently Facebook skipped that class, because when you “like” […]

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