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Predictive Analytics is the Future of B2B Digital Marketing

Over the past 10 years or more, B2B marketing has essentially been defined by process automation, including lead generation, nurturing, email campaigns, and so on. The big driver: buyers are increasingly turning to digital channels for self education and, let’s be honest, to avoid talking to those pesky sales reps. Does this mean RIP, sales […]

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Worst to First: How Five Customer-Centric Habits Enabled Sprint's Dramatic Turnaround

My family has been a Sprint wireless customer for more than 10 years. We’re happy now, but six years ago we almost fired Sprint due to dropped calls, billing problems and limited support for newer smartphones. Ironically, if we had called to complain often enough, Sprint would have fired us! That’s right, in June 2007 […]

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"Art vs. Science" — A false choice in sales success?

Over the past few years there’s been a lot of talk about “Sales 2.0” as making sales more “scientific.” And, to a lesser extent, more “social.” Both requiring more use of technology. Given how customers buy, it’s hard to argue that companies shouldn’t be more scientific. But I think sales “art” could stand for improvement, […]

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The Future of Work is already here. It's just not evenly distributed.

The title of this post reworks a quote often attributed to science fiction author William Gibson: “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” If you strip business down to its fundamentals, people do work to create value for customers, who pay the bills. Simple. How the work gets done and what […]

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Confirmit's VoC product strategy focused on Horizons platform

This past week I attended Confirmit‘s annual customer conference. I spent some time with CEO Henning Hansen and other executives, to get an update on their business, integration of CustomerSat (acquired in 2012) and product roadmap. The big picture: Confirmit has a thoughtful strategy to compete as a leader in solutions for both Voice of […]

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