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Employee Engagement: Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.—Sam Walton In the wake of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s directive to terminate work-from-home privileges, there’s been heated debate about the wisdom of her decision. Will reduced flexibility cause […]

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In B2B, should Sales own the Customer Experience?

Christine Crandell writes on Forbes that CX ownership is a hot potato between marketing, finance and sales: It’s never been clear who should take a leadership role in this new sector of customer experience. Customer experience leads to revenue, but it’s intensely cross-departmental and crosses a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities. Perhaps it’s unsurprising […]

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Lean, Not Mean — 3 Reasons Why Southwest Wins with a Culture that Empowers Employees

One of the biggest misconceptions about Customer Experience (CX) is that it’s about delivering a “premium” experience. You know, like Apple, Ritz Carlton and Zappos. It’s true some companies win by “wowing” their customers. But CX can also be a differentiator in low-cost business models. Like Southwest Airlines, one of my favorite examples of a […]

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Why customer-centric Strategy is overrated and a culture of Execution is everything

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast —Peter Drucker Over the years I’ve heard many times that “[insert breaking trend] is a strategy” to compete, grow, differentiate, etc. And I have to fess up that I’ve said the same thing myself, dating back to my early days in the CRM industry some 15 years ago. Let me […]

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Will you face up to your "Customer Cliff" in 2013? Or jump over the edge again?

The “fiscal cliff” drama has been great theater in the U.S. Too bad they couldn’t sell tickets to help pay down our national debt. It’s easy to be critical of our government officials for not working together for the common good. They should put the country first, and leave partisan bickering behind, right? If only […]

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