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In B2B, should Sales own the Customer Experience?

Christine Crandell writes on Forbes that CX ownership is a hot potato between marketing, finance and sales: It’s never been clear who should take a leadership role in this new sector of customer experience. Customer experience leads to revenue, but it’s intensely cross-departmental and crosses a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities. Perhaps it’s unsurprising […]

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Deliver a Great Experience to All Prospects, Including Those that Don't Buy

For sure, increasing sales productivity is a good thing. Marketing organizations are putting in place systems and tools to generate and score leads, so that reps can focus on more qualified prospects. However, even in the best case scenario reps will not close every opportunity. Some customers may not have a need to buy now. […]

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Hubspot uses persona-based teams to align with buyers, accelerate growth

Yesterday I presented my ideas about Buyer Experience Management (BXM) at the Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. I was delighted to see a brilliant case study presented by Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales and Services at HubSpot, a company best known for pioneering inbound marketing for SMBs. As Hubspot has grown, its […]

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B2B Sellers, Wake Up! Adopt Buyer Experience Management, or Get a Pink Slip from Customer 2.0

The traits in a salesperson that executives find valuable and strategic, namely focusing on solving a problem (13%) and on driving an end result for them (8%), were the least common traits perceived by buyers.  —Forrester Research The B2B sales profession is in denial. That’s the overwhelming conclusion I’ve reached after watching the painfully slow response […]

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