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Analytics help Western Union deliver loyalty-building service experiences

A few years ago my son was traveling abroad and ran out of money. We scrambled to figure out how to transfer funds and discovered that good old Western Union was the best option. There was a fair amount of stress involved on both ends, but Western Union came through for our family, using a […]

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Omnichannel Customer Service: Phone still king for first and second contact

Zendesk just announced the results of a global consumer study on omnichannel customer service. The results show plenty of room for improvement, despite years of talk about multi/omni-channel service. For starters, while two-thirds have purchased using multiple channels, just 7% of respondents said they were extremely satisfied with omnichannel service, lagging behind sales. Consumer think […]

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Friendly: The most important quality in Customer Service

A few years ago in a Customer Experience study we asked customers to write about “memorable” experiences. The responses were split about 50/50 positive and negative, and around 1/3 were related to customer service. In analyzing the text, we found the single most common word was “friendly.” That’s why the infographic below caught my eye. […]

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Worst to First: How Five Customer-Centric Habits Enabled Sprint's Dramatic Turnaround

My family has been a Sprint wireless customer for more than 10 years. We’re happy now, but six years ago we almost fired Sprint due to dropped calls, billing problems and limited support for newer smartphones. Ironically, if we had called to complain often enough, Sprint would have fired us! That’s right, in June 2007 […]

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5 Questions for Chip Bell — 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Customer Service

One of our top customer service authors Chip Bell has just added an excellent new book to his collection. Here are five questions I asked Chip in an email interview, regarding customer service and The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Service. Enjoy! 1. Providing good customer service seems so basic. What’s the number one reason […]

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