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Get Satisfaction surfs CX wave, updates strategy and platform in move upmarket

OK, I could have titled this post “Social CRM is Dead.” But that wouldn’t be right, because I already said that two years ago. I’ve been following developments at Get Satisfaction for the past couple of years, ever since Wendy Lea — a friend from my days as a PRM consultant — became CEO. The […]

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ScottishPower Uses a Balanced Scorecard of Metrics to Drive Customer Service Excellence

A few years ago, my family experienced frequent power outages at our home during bad storms. One time, the power to a sump pump cut out when we needed it most. Result: $5,000 of water damage. Needless to say, that day I had some choice words for our electricity provider, Pacific Gas & Electric. Unfortunately, […]

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The Key to Success with Employee Empowerment: Work Backwards from the Customer

In the mid-1980s during my time at IBM, I remember an “empowerment” initiative that swept through the company. We attended training programs and learned that to be empowered meant we had to take more responsibility and be accountable for the results. Over the next couple of years the strategy unfolded, as IBM pushed more authority […]

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Want to Empower Call Center Agents to Delight Customers? Improve Your A.I.M.

On a trip to Orlando two years ago, I arrived quite late to a Hilton hotel and visited the restaurant a few minutes before closing. The server took my order and disappeared… for just a few minutes too long. I was starting to wonder if my order been forgotten, when the server came back, apologized […]

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