It Takes a Village To Provide Customer Experience: A Discussion on CEM

The CRM mantra has always been that everything comes down to the customer. Now along comes Customer Experience Management, a strategy for putting the customer at front and center of your organization. So is this just a flash in the pan? Is it a replacement for CRM? Ginger Cooper, founder of the Customer Relationship Management […]

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Forget Benioff's Hype: Five Problems Will Thwart's Rise in On-Demand CRM

In enterprise software, the latest innovation is not about the software but how it’s delivered—via the Internet. has earned a reputation as an innovator and market leader in on-demand CRM, but getting on top and staying there are two different things. In my view, the real on-demand CRM market leader will emerge in the […]

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How's the CRM Industry Doing? Not Too Bad (But Don't Stop Checking Its Pulse)

A year-long CRMGuru study of CRM technology projects revealed that the industry is healthy. About two-thirds of projects are reasonably successful, based on payback and customer perception. But the study also showed that the full potential for CRM driving strategic business benefits is falling short of customer expectations. Through an online survey, we collected data […]

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The Power of One: How Wells Fargo Builds Loyalty With Frontline Service

Most so-called CRM case studies start with a discussion of business goals—such as growing sales, improving marketing effectiveness or reducing service cost. And then rapidly transition to a description of an IT project, while extolling the benefits of a CRM software solution. Usually lost in the shuffle is the customers’ point of view. What’s in […]

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